Just some tips from me :)

26 Nov

So…you want to have perfect skin? Well, since I am an Esthetician, I can help you with that, right? Um…no. Having perfect skin is a result of great genes no matter what any laser doctor or plastic surgeon (etc) tells you out there. If you aren’t born with it, chances are you are never going to have it. Scary thought, right? Well, the good news is that for those of us out there who weren’t born with perfect skin, you at least have a chance to per-fect the skin you are in

Here’s where I can actually help you. Yay! Before you get too excited though, this doesn’t make me an expert by any means, as the industry changes every day. However, I have 8 years’ experience as both a medical esthetician in a Doctor’s Office, and in a spa setting that has given me some of this knowledge. It is simply stuff that has worked both on my clients, and me.

1. Drink a LOT of water. This is something that even my grandma (who had the most beautiful porcelain skin) used to tell me. And, it’s true. You need to stay hydrated. Water nourishes your cells. Nuff said. If you are questioning whether you drink enough water every day, then you probably need to drink more. Alkaline water is AMAZING for the skin.

2. Don’t ruin your skin by purposely dehydrating it. This is the rule that everyone hates. Try to refrain from stress, no sleep, sugars, caffeine, smoking, the sun, and alcohol. Well, that pretty much just made your life boring, didn’t it? The good news is that in MODERATION these things are okay, just like in life – the same applies to your skin care. If you insist on ingesting sugar, alcohol or caffeine well then you need to go back to rule #1 and do more. If you are out in the sun, wear a hat and apply your sunscreen correctly (see step 3) get enough sleep (this means 8 hours!) and try to not be so stressed out. Usually men are the cause of this stress, so do yourself a favor and ditch the dude. LOL.

3. Sunscreen. This is a HUGE one. Most skin care professionals don’t advise to use sunscreen, but they don’t want you to NOT use it either. The problem is that there are chemicals in your sunscreen, and chemicals aren’t great for your skin. Also, studies have proven that most sunscreens have vitamin A in them, and vitamin A can actually cause cancer when used in the sun because it makes your skin more susceptible to burn. So, using sunscreen makes you more apt to get cancer, but not using it also gives you risk of cancer. Huh? Got to love the FDA. Make sure your sunscreen isn’t one that contains Vitamin A, or is mineral based. Most important, follow the rules of how to apply it. Remember, when you were little and you pretty much put sunscreen on once right when you got to the beach and that was it all day? And you would leave the beach like eight shades darker…oh wait, I’ll just show you the picture.

LOL…I about cried  when my cousin Carol dug out this picture. There are so many things just wrong about this photo, and that’s not even including my haircut (that I gave myself) or my big bird shirt. But, seriously, we look like an episode of The Jersey Shore, the younger years. What were our parents thinking?! Well, like I said…they were thinking that one application of sunscreen all day is A-Okay. And it’s not. You need to apply it 30 minutes BEFORE sun exposure. This means BEFORE you even leave your house, because you know that even in your car and through the tint, you can STILL get sunburn and sun exposure. Check the left side of your body (if you are a driver) and side of your face; do you have more sunspots there? Hmmm….makes you think, doesn’t it? And to really be effective, you should be applying it every two hours.

One of my favorite sunscreens is Jane Iredale Amazing Base (SPF 20) paired with La Roche Posay Anthelios Extreme. But, get this one of eBay and save yourself $30.00!

4. Eat your vitamins, DON’T swallow them. What does this mean? That you are what you eat? Well, yes and no. But I can tell you that dark leafy greens are amazing for your skin. Just like they are also AMAZING for your body, plus they keep cancer away. One of the best ones for your skin is wheatgrass. I think I literally just heard a groan even from my dog on that one. I know, it’s disgusting. It tastes like when I used to mow my grandmas lawn, and it didn’t have the bag on there to catch all of the clippings that just flew all over the place, that I would rake up. Ugh. How can something so gross be so good for you?! Well, it is. Mix it with something though. Buy the powdered version if needed. I don’t advise the pills because you have to take so many. Here are a few products that I would recommend.

  • Vibrant Health Green Vibrance – it actually doesn’t taste THAT bad if you mix it with juice. (100% juice though)
  • Probiotic Pearls (Yes, you should be taking these to balance out the good/bad bacteria in your body)
  • Cleansing Green Smoothie (recipe in my next blog!) Not only will this provide nutrients that your skin and body needs, it’s also a natural way to cleanse and lose weight even if you JUST add this to your daily meal, without changing anything else.

Speaking of that….I need to go and make mine for the day. Until next time, stay beautiful!


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