Top Products for this Makeup Artist (with skincare in mind)

28 Nov

In being a licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist over the last couple of years, I’ve been fortunate to try various different skin care products and makeup lines. It’s always nice to get educated on a new line and have free samples (I think my cousin Carol would agree) for the expensive stuff, EBAY it. Its way cheaper. At any rate, due to everyone always asking my advice on some of the things I regularly use (either on myself or clients) here is my current list of faves:

  1. Anything that isn’t MAC Cosmetics. Sorry, I guess I should clarify here. The makeup artist in me absolutely adores MAC, but the skincare professional side of me and MAC has a love hate relationship. Sure, on camera and in photos your skin looks flawlessly amazing, but wait a few weeks after regular everyday use and see how great your skin looks. I saw it all the time in the spa, red cheek area, breakouts, and just really uneven skin tone. You might as well take regular powder and mix it directly with mineral oil and then put it on your skin…oh wait, you are using MAC (specifically Studio Fix?) Oh, than you ARE ALREADY DOING THAT. MAC eye shadows, liners, etc. are fab. But their foundations and powders are a huge NO NO if you want to have decent looking skin.
  2. So, what’s my favorite foundation? Hmmm…as of today, I love the GloMinerals Gloprotective foundation. It’s not your typical powder foundation that gets all over the place instead of on your face. It’s a liquid and it’s AMAZING. A bit on the heavier coverage side, so it will cover dark spots and scarring. I would recommend their lighter coverage liquid if you have flawless skin.
  3. My other favorite foundation. Jane Iredale, amazing base. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. HATE that it’s a powder, but it gives an amazing coverage, doesn’t look like you have a lot on, and comes in various colors. Plus it’s SPF 20! It’s a bit pricey at around $45 but well worth it.
  4. Concealer – Okay, so if you are like me…which means you never get quite enough sleep, or even when you do, you still look tired (thanks dad for those genes!) you know that a concealer makes a HUGE difference. I really like Amazing Cosmetics brand, Amazing Concealer. It’s about $40 I think at Sephora and Ulta but I’ve literally had mine for over a year and there is HALF a tube left. You need so little of this stuff and it can cover tattoos.
  5. My absolute favorite concealer – Yves St Laurent Touche Eclait. They make a claim that’s its like 10 hours of sleep in a bottle, and you know what? It totally is (imagine my giddiness here). Its way expensive. I think I spent like 60 on this, but it should last awhile, and after using it honestly have to say there’s a reason it’s one of the TOP concealers professional makeup artists use. LOVE this and completely hooked. Now I just have to work more so I can afford it.
  6. Primer. Do you really need one? Um, unless you have porcelain skin that looks like the models in the magazines that are so airbrushed they don’t have pores anymore, then yes, you NEED a primer. Smashbox has an EXCELLENT selection of primers. The green primer helps combat redness. You all know that right? If you have a pimple and it’s red, put green cover up on it – the green cancels out the redness and voila! You look amazing…that’s a color wheel lesson for another time though…My absolute FAV primer is currently Veil by Hourglass. I got my smaller size one on eBay for around $20 I think, and I can’t say enough about it. Flawless skin, not greasy, eliminates fines lines and wrinkles, makes your pores smaller AND keeps your makeup on ALL DAY.
  7. Powder. This one is a bit difficult for me. There are a lot of quality powders out there. Old school classis is Coty Airspun. LOVE the smell, and the coverage. Plus it’s super cheap. Guerlian Meteorites is amazing, but weighs in at a whopping $55 at Sephora. It is WELL worth it. I also love Physicians Formula powders. But the current one that’s won my heart is Makeup Forever HD powder. Its lightweight, one color, and superfine. Doesn’t make u look chalky and better yet, it’s made for high definition TV so you will always look great. High Def film doesn’t have to be so scary anymore – yay! Also at Sephora
  8. Eye shadows…FINALLY, something NOT at Sephora. I am a HUGE fan of Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics. My new fave color is Sunset Blvd in the eye dust. Their eye dusts are absolutely amazing and not over $2.50 each! You can buy these online (and if you do – they send you a TON of samples of all the colors) or at your local Rite Aid. Every time I wear Jesse’s Girl – people always comment on how great my makeup is. I pair sunset blvd (all over eye) with a purpley black shadow from MAC and it looks great. I also love the white Jesse’s Girl. All the colors are high in pigment so you need very little and they last all day.
  9. Eyeliner – Um, one and only one. Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen. I think it’s around $8 and you can get it just about anywhere. It’s like a felt tip marker and super easy to put on, plus it stays where you put it. Nuff said.
  10. Mascara – This is a huge decision for me to just pick one. I have naturally LONG lashes, and depending on the mascara, they can look even longer. I rarely wear false lashes. I have tried probably EVERY single mascara out there, and there is only one that makes my list. Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume (the fat orange tube). The waterproof is horrible for you to wear on your lashes…tsk tsk…and the purple tube sucks…stick with the orange and you will be happy

I’ll get to the other stuff later…hope this helps…stay tuned for the skincare blog…and some homemade skin care products that are cheap and easy to make, but better than most of the expensive stuff you would buy…

Stay Beautiful


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