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In search of organic beauty

8 May

Skincare is a challenging issue. I should clarify, and say that due to various skin types and concerns, skincare can be challenging. There are so many varying factors that determine what type of skincare products you should be using to achieve the best results possible.
But, to add another problem in there, what if you strictly want to go a more organic route? What if those pesky chemicals you are using are causing long term damage to your skin?
Well, the answer is – they could be. I stumbled upon a website about a year ago that lets you view the toxicity levels of all of your beauty products (skincare/makeup) and body products (deordorant/toothpaste/body soap). I am not sure this was the best thing for me to come across, because I literally went through my entire medicine cabinet and shower and tossed everything I owned. I then went to the nearest Whole Foods or searched online to find products that scored less than a 2 on the rating (1-10).
In this process, I realized that a lot of the skincare companies out there that market themselves as “healthy”, “organic”, or “natural” can still rate highly on the risk rating.
Some of the products you may use are not listed on this website, and the argument is that even if they are, the absorption rate is still really low…but when you read through some of the health issues it causes like reproductive issues, cancers, or even autoimmune disorders – it can be a little overwhelming.
Here is the link to the website so you can do your own research 🙂

Ultimately it will be up to us, as consumers to make changes to our own products – based on what we value is more important. There is always a cost to looking better, but we should also be equally concerned about feeling better as well.

Stay Beautiful!!