Healthy Detox Water for your body and skin

28 Aug


There are a multitude of Skincare products on the market to enhance your beauty that we splurge on every day. But, stop for a minute and ask yourself this question: Am I taking just as much time and money to make me just as beautiful on the inside?

The answer for most of us is no. We still consume too much sugar, carbs, processed foods and fruits and vegetables covered in pesticides. All of this gets stored in our body and leads to poor health, and in turn, lack luster skin.

Sure, a lot of how your skin looks has to do with genetics. But, what if you could do something once a day to help improve it? Would you do it?

Changing your entire diet and routine can be extremely hard. I recently started juicing and I can tell you that it’s time-consuming in addition to expensive. So, lets start off slow and inexpensive – with water.

Most of us don’t drink enough water or a daily basis. I read somewhere that over 3/4 of the United States population is dehydrated. So what can we do to change this?

Drink more water. Or, at least add some things into your water so that you will want to drink more water.

I spent some time researching the best things to put into your water to help naturally detox your body at the same time as hydrate it, and here is what I came up with.

Most of us have heard how great lemons are in water, but do you know why? Lemons are naturally acidic, and when you add the, to your water you cause the water to be more alkaline. Alkaline water is beneficial for the body because it increases absorption and balances the ph levels. Alkaline water alone, is amazing for cancer prevention.
Lemons themselves stimulate the liver and the potassium fights high blood pressure. The vitamin c helps ward off infection and keep you healthy.

Crushed mint leaves added to your water helps with digestion and can even cure IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome. It is rich in vitamin c, b12 and a. This will work to clean the old out, and help the new, healthy you emerge.

Cucumber is amazing in water. It keeps the water cool, but also leaves a very crisp, refreshing aftertaste. More importantly, cucumber is anti-inflammatory and fights cancer. Studies have shown that cucumbers contain three lignans that effectively fight breast cancer, uterine, and ovarian cancers. The juice is also extremely rich and high in anti-oxidants.

The combination of these three is even better.

Using one gallon of water in a pitcher add the following:

1 cucumber, sliced (peeled is optional)
1 whole lemon, sliced
1 small bunch of mint leaves (approx 20 leaves, crushed)

Drop these items into the pitcher, them fill halfway with ice, then up to the top with water. Let chill for an hour and then enjoy 🙂

Small steps to beautiful skin, and a healthier you are doable one day at a time.



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  1. AnnaBella February 25, 2014 at 11:34 am #

    It is good Information, thank you for sharing. Hope we will read many other good things from you in future also. Regards

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