Review of Youniques 3D Fiber Lash Mascara !

6 Oct

I am super picky about mascara. I naturally have long(er) eyelashes, and have tried virtually every type of mascara out there. Most that create thickness and length are super heavy and horrible to wear on a regular basis.
My latest find is the 3D Fiber lash mascara by Unique which we recently brought into the spa. I bought my own tube of it and decided to give it a try.


I must say I was very impressed!

In just two steps, well, actually three my lashes went from barely noticeable to almost up to my eyebrows. Everyone all day kept commenting on them and asking if they were real. They felt light, didn’t irritate my eyes and looked amazing. I never had to touch them up.

The instructions are easy: Put a light coat of your regular mascara on and let it dry. Add one coat of the Younique Transplanting gel on, then use the natural fibers. Reapply transplanting gel and voila you are done! Unless of course, you want to make them even longer then keep going with the same routine, just not another coat of your mascara.

The best part about this is they wash off with just soap and water. No glue ripping out your natural lashes, no expensive touch-ups with extensions, just a fun and great look for daily use that’s safe, and non-toxic.

Even better is the price tag which rings in at $35 plus tax.



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